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My husband & I work along side each other & our 4 boys.  We started our 1st business, Decorative Metal Art Works, in June 2012.  Doing this changed the lives of all of us for the better.  After we grew this business, my husband was able to quit his full time job.  He was still needed occasionally for odd end jobs so we started our 2nd business in 2012, Redneck Fabrication.  In effort to create more locations to sell our products we opened our 3rd business, DMAW Events, in 2017.  In June 2016, we were doing well enough that we ventured into the food industry & started our 4th business, Redneck Kettle Korn.  

As of Oct. 2017, we have now opened a store in Mesa Mall where we sell our Metal Art & also

Gift Baskets.  We are still participating in local Farmers Markets & will be hosting an annual 

Farmers Market @ Mesa Mall this year.  We have so much more in the works!

The end of February, 2019 we chose to close our store in Mesa Mall & return home to be with

our kids for awhile.  We also chose to slow down a little during the summer & transferred

our Farmers Market to a local farmer that was up for the task.  We have had more time to see

our children grow and succeed this year!  Oh, how they grow up so fast!!!

November 1st, 2019 we will be returning to Mesa Mall with our Metal Art!  We will be there

for the Christmas season & possibly longer!  We have really grown a lot because of the Mall!

December 31st, 2019 was our last day open in the Mall.  We would of loved to stay, but I got a job at H&R Block starting January 2nd, 2020.  Dad stayed home & schooled or ran the boys to appointments so I could work.  I loved my new job; it was a great learning experience for me! 


Too bad Covid hit;

I had to come home March 13th, 2020;

didn't get to return before the tax season ended.

May, 2020 I got really sick.  After many appointments and tests we found that I needed surgery.

It was definitly challenging since all the Covid regulations.  I really hate Covid!

Sugery was a no go, TWICE!  1st it was rescheduled because I possibly got exposed to Covid; think goodness it wasn't that.  2nd one postponed because of concerns of other issues......

I now start over with more doctors & more appointments.....hoping it goes by fast so we can try for a 3rd time....3rd Time's The Charm!!

July 26th, 2020 our oldest son (18yrs) opened his concession trailer for the 1st day.

JD Concessions.....we are so proud of him!  He has done a wonderful job!

Summer season of farmers markets & festivals didn't happen.  So we have been trying to decide what to do.......well we decided not to run our Kettle Korn business but decided that back to

to the Mall was the best decision for our metal business! 

So......We will again have our store, but this time we will be located in

Clock Court (next to Starbucks).

Great Location......oh.....but.....HUGE Store!!!

We have a lot of work ahead of us to fill it!

September, 2020....Surgery on the 2nd went well and I'm feeling better!  Still have some

issues but not as much.  We opened the store on the 23rd; it's full! 


Sales have been great until more Covid

regulations and the election.


November, 2020....We are taking things day by day; hoping we don't get

shut down again because of Covid. 

We really can't wait for things to go back to normal! 


Thanksgiving is right around the corner; Christmas coming very soon too! 

I also get to return to my job at H&R Block in January!!

Here is to hoping the New Year brings better options to everyone!!! 

Our products are handmade in Colorado!


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